Introducing the CrossFit Due North Team

Meet the fitness experts ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and your potential.

Our Founder

Peter Randsmith

If you’ve ever browsed the internet looking for workout advice, you know how difficult it is to identify programs that work. Even experienced gym-goers get caught up in workouts that promise massive gains in six weeks or less.

That’s why our gym is so valuable for so many people. Instead of doing the research yourself, we’ve done that part of the work for you. All you need to do is show up and give each workout your all.

Some people get their motivation from slow and steady improvement, while others thrive on competition. No matter what your style, we offer a space where you can see results more quickly than other gym routines, as long as you put in the hard work.

What sets CrossFit apart from other workouts and gyms is that we believe in combining strength with endurance for maximum performance. We want you to get strong and capable and see the difference functional strength can make in your life. You’ll build confidence and learn to persist toward your goals both at the gym and outside it

Our gym combines every aspect of exercise science, ensuring that you get the results you want. We offer proven workouts to build energy and endurance. We combine that with sensible eating plans that help you hit that sweet spot where you lose fat while you gain muscle.

We want our gym to be a thriving like-minded community of fitness enthusiasts that support and encourage each other. We aim to do this by combining individual training with group classes of people at your level and coaches that understand your particular needs and goals.

Our Professional Coaches

Josh Holton


Brad Giglio


Lesley Murphy


Jessica Holton


Sabrina Kautz


Ashley Tisue


Q: Why do you enjoy being a CFDN coach?
A: It’s always a special moment to see any athlete achieve unexpected/hard-earned results – but I especially love witnessing women of all ages move heavy weights and realize what incredible accomplishments their bodies can attain in the gym. And, speaking from personal experience, the confidence that women gain in the gym usually carries over to feeling empowered in other areas of their life well beyond the gym, providing not just physical strength but strength of character as well.

Mat Rich


Mat started CrossFit in 2015. He has completed a marathon row and Murph RX partitioned. At age 28, he wanted to get in shape for his newborn daughter so that he could be a fit dad and play with her actively as she grew up. Mat tried Crossfit in the parking lot of his workplace with a trainer that came 3 times a week, it was the hardest thing he had ever done and became addicted immediately. Joining an affiliate came next and was a big
help. Mat enjoys pressing the boundaries of what he can accomplish in a supportive community of fellow athletes. Mat believes there is no place like CrossFit Due North, no community as strong as this one, and loves the way we support one another. Outside the gym, he enjoys being outside with his wife (Emily) and daughters (Zoey and Alexa), grilling, bonfires, and
movies. Mat’s favorite is coaching new athletes that are not familiar with Crossfit. It is very rewarding for Mat to introduce people to CrossFit and see their excitement as they learn and perform movements and WODs.

Harrison Hirsh


Harrison works in the USCG and is a one of the most thorough coaches CFDN has on staff. He is also a junior grade deck builder.

Theresa O'Boyle


USA Weightlifting Coach- L1
CAFS- Certification in Applied Functional Science
TRX Suspension Training- L1

Coaching at CFDN is one of the highlights of my day. I enjoy being challenged to adapt my skill set in order to give my best to each individual and the group as a whole. I love our community and getting to know members on a deeper level beyond movement. And I LOVE cheering people on and encouraging them no matter what level they are at!

Jennifer McClellan


CF Endurance
Masters Swimmer

Jen’s 9am class is one of the most packed and sought after classes at CFDN. For good reason too – its always fun! Jen brings a ton of energy to the gym and is always looking to improve athlete range of motion, skill sets and endurance. She can also count to ten before most people can count to five. Be sure to challenge her to do it!


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