The Power of Weaknesses

Well here we are, folks, it is October and pretty soon we will all be knees deep in some Crossfit Open 🙂 This time of the year is so exciting! It is a season of change and I love to reflect back on the things that I have done throughout the year and these types of transitional times are so fun.  It is almost like wiping the slate clean and starting a new idea. The gym has grown immensely this last month and you will be seeing lots of new faces so welcome them with open arms.

Now to get down to the nitty-gritty! WEAKNESSES, what are they and what are they awesome!  First off nothing in life is truly a weakness, but rather an opportunity to get better that we just haven’t seized yet, a door you haven’t kicked down, a fire you haven’t flammed.  Our lives from the moment we are born are literally built off areas of weakness. Our mind and body just adapt so quickly sometimes we don’t even realize it.

Take for example you standing on two legs.  At some point in your childhood, you couldn’t do that.  It was a weakness you had. Through trial and error of falling and getting up, again and again, you learned to walk.  Imagine if the first time you fell as a baby after trying to walk, and you were just like “Well this walking thing just isn’t for me” 

This idea of identifying weaknesses is number 7 on the Principals of training poster we have at the gym. 

Identifying and attacking weaknesses can be tough and scary, simply because they are difficult.  There is a saying “Difficult is not bad, difficult is not impossible, difficult is just difficult and you can do difficult things”  With the OPEN coming up look to shift your mindset and know that creating goals around weaknesses are only going to make you stronger and to realize that you are always under construction helps to continue to move forward.  Here are 7 things to show you that we are always under construction and maybe can help you realize that you don’t need to be fearful of weaknesses.

  1. Goals can be adjusted – Modify them, make them smaller or simpler to build on that idea of completing that goal.
  2. Purpose can evolve – Who you are today may be different tomorrow.  You don’t need to be tied to a single idea and evolving that can help you reach your goals.
  3. Skills can be sharpened – Practicing and adding reps to your life will help you become more precise.
  4. The mind can be strengthened – Learning how to visualize, learning how to see positives, builds mental flexibility.
  5. Habits can be shaped – Small changes can create larger results, change your habits and change your life.
  6. Values can be developed – Your values and actions can be developed and built over time.  When you align your actions with your values you will have a deeper purpose.
  7. Dreams can be achieved – People defy reason every day by accomplishing nearly impossible tasks.  Know that you can do that as well. Believe it and achieve it.

Realizing that weaknesses are just areas for improvement and have no lasting effect on who you are as a person can be freeing and massively empowering.  We challenge you to find IDENTIFY one thing in your life or in the gym that you feel is a weakness and write down 3 action steps that will help you get better at it.  Happy Fitnessing everyone!

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