10 Things That Require ZERO Talent

Have you ever caught yourself saying “oh man that person is so talented” or “they just have a gift”?  The reality of this is that it is easier for us to say these types of things rather than giving the person the credit that they have earned getting to that point!

Many people have heard that it takes 10,000 hours to develop or change a habit, maybe this is an absolute truth, maybe it isn’t.  You should go out and log 10,000 hours doing something and then let us know 🙂 The intention behind this statement is that everything takes time and consistency in order to develop the neurology to make a task automatic.  Think about it when you stand on one foot, are you commanding each little muscle in your feet to move to distribute your weight perfectly, um no, and that would be awesome if you could actually do that.  So rather than focusing on what may have taken someone a lot of time to develop let’s focus on the things that we can do each day to help us get a little bit better and these things take ZERO talent so you have no excuses, HA! However, incorporating these ideas will help you become better all around!

10 Things that take ZERO Talent:

  1. Being on Time – Do you respect your time and others
  2. Work Ethic – Are you willing to put in the time each day to be a better person.
  3. Effort Level – Do you come in and make the best of the time that you have.
  4. Body Language – People can’t read your mind, but they can see your body language, stand like a champion.
  5. Energy – Do you bring positivity to the room and become contagious, do you help others feel good.
  6. Attitude – This is one of the most important decisions you will make in a day.
  7. Your Passion – How much do you care for yourself and others
  8. Be Coachable – Understanding that none of us have all the answers and listening can be a powerful tool to become better!
  9. Do Extra – Taking extra steps to do a little more it is like compounding interest 1% each day adds up.
  10. Be Prepared – Be willing to pay the price in order to respond when your body and mind need you to.


Which one of these can you tighten up on today and get better at!  We can incorporate any of these into any of the tasks that we do in a day, from waking up when the alarm goes off to putting your head on your pillow at night and everything in between!  Let’s get a little bit better today! Have a wonderful day!

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